Peace Offering

There are three kinds of peace-offering: (1) the thank-offering (); (2) the votive-offering (); and (3) the free-will offering (). The thank-offering is a response to acts of divine beneficence; the votive and the free-will sacrifices are connected with the expectation of benefit; but the significance of the thank-offering is wider than that of the other two.

THE PEACE OFFERING. Before we begin our study of the Peace Offering let us pray for God's blessing upon this time. Dear Heavenly Father, We come before You in the Name of Your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Father we ask You to please bless our study of the Peace offering.

Noun. 1. peace offering - something offered to an adversary in the hope of obtaining peace. olive branch. offering, offer - something offered (as a proposal or bid); "noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds".

PEACE OFFERING (IN THE BIBLE) Also known as a communion offering, of which the main characteristic was that the victim was shared between God, the priest, and the person offering the sacrifice. The Hebrew terms for this kind of offering, zebaḥ zebaḥ, š elāmîm or š elāmîm, were almost interchangeable. Zebaḥ described the sacrifice by its outward ritual, a slaughtering, or immolation; š .

 · Peace offering definition is - a gift or service for the purpose of procuring peace or reconciliation. How to use peace offering in a sentence.

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  1.  · A peace offering in the Old Testament Law is described in Leviticus – It was a voluntary sacrifice given to God in three specific instances. First, a peace offering could be given as a freewill offering, meaning that the worshiper was giving the peace offering as a way to say thank you for God’s unsought generosity.

  2. The peace (or thank) offering was the most commonly given in ancient Israel. It pictures God, the priest, and the offerer in satisfying fellowship.

  3.  · Definition of peace offering.: a gift or service for the purpose of procuring peace or reconciliation.

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