Past Lives

 · Past life regressions can be a contentious topic among practitioners of psychology. The evidence and accounts are overwhelming, but there is debate as to what they really are. Dr. Ian Stevenson was a well-respected psychologist and was the chair of the department of psychology at the University of Virginia.

 · If you've ever been called an "old soul," you may have experienced a past life. Many spiritual people believe this advanced intuition, or inner knowing of things without explanation, to be a sign your soul has reincarnated several times. Many children who show evidence of past lives remember their previous parents. One little boy even told his mother, "That's not how my other mommy used to .

 · To find out information about your past life we may use tarot cards, classic pendulum or other traditional ways of divination. You can also use ways that are directly created for this purpose. Here we offer you a date of birt calculating way.

Free Past Life is sketching a previous life using a birth date. Sometimes for the pearl of a wisdom and sometimes just for a fun.:) You can navigate to your story either by the below years or .

 · Who might you have been in a past life? To help you find out, we scraped tens of thousands of people from Wikipedia and built the Reincarnation Machine. Type Estimated Reading Time: 50 secs.

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  1.  · Who we were in a past life means nothing in comparison to what we are doing in this life. If we live this life right, dedicated in service to others, we need not worry about our past lives because they are past, and we need not worry about our next life, because our right action in this life guarantees our future spiritual : Julian Rosser.

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